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Ulpadust | Industrial Dust Collection For a Cleaner and Safer Working Environments


Standard Equipments with Tailored Made Solutions

High Toxiticty & explosivity Applications appropriate to GMP,FDA & Local standarts with 21 CFR P11 Clean Room applications, Tablet Presses, Capsule Filling Process, Granulation etc…


Tiny & Dusty Fiberglasss, composite applications mostly Wind Turbine Blades.


Filters and system equipments produces by Ulpatek, are used in national and international beverage and food production facilities and worldwide.


During blasting abrasive materials, processed material’s particles and other pollutants become airborne which must be filtered from the working…


During laser and plasma cutting many dusts and gases are occurring which are harmful to human health and environment. The resulting gas and/or


The dusts are divided into two according to the chemical origin: Organic dusts and inorganic dusts. While organic dusts don’t accumulate in the lungs …


For the paper scrap & trim transport systems dust collection systems are very essential for optimum working conditions. While paper, carton box can …


Rubber dust is formed from old tire recycling and production applications are very harmful for respirable environment due to the health hazard. In addition to this, rubber dust has explosivity minimum ST 1 and can be flammable which can cause death, injuries, financial and reputation losses.


ULPADUST Endustriyel Toz Toplama Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.S. produces industrial air and oil mist filters. Our company makes productions suitable to the world class manufacturing test in Arnavutkoy facility.


We Proudly Present Our Brand New Website.

The new website features a design aimed at giving the user the best experience, while…