About Us

Ulpadust produces industrial filtration solutions for dusts, fumes, and oil mists to protect workers and environment while supplying safer and productive workspace. Our main factory located in Istanbul. Ulpadust with its group companies has more than 45 years’ experience in industrial ventilation sector. Ulpadust is not only focused on equipment sales and at the same time gives installation and commissioning works together with itself and representatives.

Istanbul manufacturing facility has ISO 9001 Quality Management System together with Directive 2014/34/ EU and has certification from Europe’s best independent certification bodies.

“For a Cleaner and Safer Working Environments.”

Quality Policy

• Manufacture ecofriendly products with high tech manufacturing process and test these products according to the international standards.
• Meet the customer expectations with new products that are produced according RD works.
• Be an expert at national and international markets.
• Review quality management system make continuous improvement and meet the requirements.
• Encourage participation to all parties (Organization, customer, supplier, personnel) for the defined targets, support with trainings and increase the satisfaction.