UVDC Industrial Dust Collection Systems

UVDC Vacuum Dust Collector Data Sheet

Industrial Vacuum Dust Collection Systems are generally used for cleaner and safer working environments. Also, energy savings, production efficiency increases, product recoveries, air pollution controls which are other benefits.

As the opposite of UDC, UVDC Systems are working on high pressure and low airflow values. Mostly offered with blower.

Reliable Ulpadust Dust Collection Systesm ensures:

  • Easy & less maintenance
  • User friendly applications
  • Space saving with compact design
  • Low energy consumption with lower differential pressure
  • Excellent sealing solutions
  • Long service life
  • Long durability with strong construction
  • NFPA, ATEX classifications


  • BIBO -Bag In Bag Out Filter change
  • Explosion venting
  • Vent deflector
  • Flameless explosion venting
  • Explosion isolation systems
  • Explosion suppression systems
  • Continuous liner discharge
  • Special discharge options; Big Bag, Container, Drum, etc.
  • Fan or blower
  • Level switch
  • Auto-pneumatic vacuum valve
  • Downdraft table
  • Slot vacuum
  • Local extractors
  • Ducts for antistatic applications
  • Flexible hoses and connections


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Food & Agricultural
  • Paper Scrap Trim Transport
  • Laser / Plasma Cutting & Welding
  • Rubber
  • Composite / Fiberglass
  • Mining
  • Powder Painting
  • Wood
  • Textile
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