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Safe Change Housing

USCH Safe Change Housing

USCH can provide a filter change free of contamination. Each housing is equipped with a fully sealed bag (BIBO) system to protect of people, process and environment. Wide range of particule and chemical filters can be used in the in the unit . Special design is available depending on filtration stage and air volume. Test groove for leak testing of the gasket seal between main filter and housing . Each USCH has its own filter changing table to change filters easily and safely by one person. Ulpadust R&D department work on safe, reliable and user friendly configurations. Our approach provide advantages to customer to reduce their total costs, to enhance system performance and to benefit human health.

The highest quality Ulpadust’s products offer customers air filters with the longest life, the lowest operating and maintenance costs.

Ulpadust Safe Change Unit has been utilized in BSL3 & BSL4 type applications where the need for decontamination is required.


• Versatile modular system
• Robust and strong construction
• Self-adjusting filter sealing mechanism
• Available powder coated or stainless steel
• Differential manometer connection port for each stage filter
• Single or multiple filter stages with overall filter heights
• Optional aerosol injection and particle measurement connection

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