Industrial Dust Collectors are generally used for cleaner and safer working environments. UDC dust collectors also sustain energy savings with highly efficient filtration which also leads to production efficiency increases, product recoveries and air pollution control.

UVDC Ulpadust Vacuum Dust Collection Systems are produced for high vacuum and pressurized systems for central vacuum systems, pneumatic transport, and bin venting. Tangential cyclone inlet ensures that the coarse dust is directed to the bunker.

Wet filters are used for the dusts which cannot be filtered by dry cartridge or bag filters due to the physical and chemical properties. These filters are suitable for explosive atmospheres also.

Gas Scrubber Systems are the most common exhaust treatment systems used for the removal of combustion gases, process waste gases, vapors and other pollutants that are generated during the activities of various industrial productions.

Pipes and accessories specially designed for Industrial Dust Collection and Vacuum Dust Collection.

Safe Change Filter Housing (USCH) designed to filtrate particles, aerosols and to protect service staff and the environment against to unsanitary conditions which may create toxics.

Thermal Oxidation

Thermal Oxidizer Systems

In chemical, metallurgy, foundry, thermal processing, food, painting, textile, artificial leather and waste water treatment facilities generally produce VOC (volatile organic compounds), gas / vapor wastes and odor problems that can be solved best and sometimes only with thermal oxidizers.

Oil Mist Collection

Oil Mist Filtration Systems

Oil mist problems are generally formed due to machining and other processes that leads to the polluted exhaust air which contains oil mist. Oil mist filters are used for to protecting people, keeping clean the working environment and increasing the productivity.


BIBO – Bag in bag out (Safe change doors), Continuous Liner Discharge, Double Sliding Valve with Big Bag Discharge, Downdraft Table, Flow Actuated Explosion Isolation Valve, Passive Explosion Isolation Valve, Acrobat Arms, Cartridge Filters.