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TTMD, Seminar on ʺParticulate Filtration in Hygienic Areasʺ

Seminar on "Particulate Filtration in Hygienic Areas" organized by the Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers(TTMD) was held on Friday, December 9, 2016 in the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Kocaeli. The presentations were realized by ULPATEK Sales Coordinator Ganim Dokuyucu and ULPADUST Sales Coordinator Tuna Yeşilırmak respectively.

 In the first part of the presentation, Ganim Dokuyucu explained the particle sizes and distributions in the atmosphere, basic properties in particul filtration, filtration mechanisms, transition from EN 779 Standard to ISO 16890 Standard, EN 1822 Standard and Test Systems and filter systems used in clean room applications. In addition to the hygienic applications such as hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food and beverages, as well as examples of applications in airports, shopping malls and other comfort areas, Dokuyucu has emphasized the importance of indoor air quality and energy.

Tuna Yeşilırmak, who made the other presentation of the seminar, informed the listeners about dust collection systems and applications in industrial facilities, especially in hygienic applications.