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Ulpadust Industrial Dust Collection Systems founded

A new company in the field of industrial dust collection systems started to operate: Ulpadust. Although the establishment date of the company is new, the staff is made up of highly experienced people. Ulpadust Sales Coordinator M. Tuna Yeşilırmak, who provides information on the company that manufactures dust collecting devices and filters in its own factory, transmitted the following information:

"Our Devices ATEX Certified"

"Ulpadust is a company that has worked for many years in Tetisan and has been established independently by Tetisan by ten engineers who specialize in industrial ventilation. We started our activity in February 2015. We will not only sell the device, but also install and service the devices we sell at the same time. For years, we have made representations of the dust collecting devices we supply from abroad in the field of Tethys. Especially in fields such as medicine, food, metal, paint facilities, we have provided dust collection devices and systems especially for ATEX applications. We have developed our own devices with the know-how gained from this and ATEX's trainings from several European institutions. While developing these devices, we used three-dimensional drawing programs, performed static analyzes and performed ar-ge activities. We have conducted and tested our device tests for the ATEX certification under the supervision of an international organization. The certification of the firm together with the term is a matter of course, which requires a certain documentation process. We entered this process, we will have received this certificate in the near future. "

"Our expertise in industrial dust collection systems"

"Ulpadust's specialty is industrial dust collection systems. The main function of dust collecting devices is to collect the dusts generated during production and to store them in a safe place. These devices reduce the plant's emission values ​​and help minimize the environmental impact. At the same time, it increases quality in production and ensures that staff work in a healthier and safer environment. As an example; Penicillin dusts that fly in a drug factory are very serious hazards for people with allergies, especially penicillin. When these dusts are gathered in the source, you will protect both the employees and the environment and make the production more qualified. In the case of non-carcinogenic powders, the air can be returned to the factory after the air is passed through the dust collector and the HEPA filters in it and cleaned. Thus, a considerable energy saving is achieved, since the heated or cooled air can be reused as cleaned.

Oxidizable powders, such as drugs, sugar, metal powders, may explode causing secondary fires. For this reason, ATEX certified dust collection devices are essential for such industrial plants. Our equipment is used in pharmaceutical, paper, rubber and similar industrial facilities. Our devices are available in antistatic and explosive environments. BIBO (Bag In Bag Out) We have models that can be used together with flameproofing devices with "explosion-proof" against any explosion risk, with bag-tied system, sprinkler system applied, which we call continuous change, which allows us to change the filter without touching the hand, Vacuum systems, cyclones, oil vapor trap systems are among our product groups. The heart of the dust collecting devices is the filters. We produce filters as Ulpadust ourselves. The launch of our products will be held at the ISK-SODEX fair. "

"Our aim is to have a say in Turkey and in foreign markets"

"Our goal is to accept the ULPADUST brand of all distinguished firms including those who prefer imported dust collecting devices due to quality, reliability and certification in our country and to be able to have a say in foreign markets afterwards. We believe that with the quality that our products have, the investments we make, the certificates we receive, the trainings, the knowledge we have and the confidence we have in our experience, we will achieve this goal. "